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Hanwha Precision Machinery presents the collaborative robot HCR-5 for a more convenient and safer future.

In 1977, Hanwha Precision Machinery launched its precision machinery business, which served as the foundation for the aviation, defense, and industrial equipment businesses, all of which the company still operates today. The company's track record in robotics, precision and multiaxial motion control, and software technologies has led to the launch of the collaborative robot HCR-5 developed with the company's own technology.

With a maximum payload capacity of 5 kg, HCR-5 is best suited for light-weight tasks requiring simple control. The robot can easily automate repetitive jobs, such as pick & place, palletizing, packing, and screwing. Read more about the wide-ranging applications of HCR-5 on the Industries & Applications page.

The collaborative robot HCR-5 is easy to control and is flexible in responding to changes in production layout, effectively cutting investment and operating expenses. It not only automates manual work but also provides a safe and convenient work environment for employees as a substitute for industrial robots that are relatively dangerous to work with.


A half-day training is sufficient to program the robot, even for unexperienced operators

Hanwha Precision Machinery's HCR-5 comes with a tablet-type teach pendant with a swivel handle that is easy to grab. Like any video editing program, the teach pendant allows users to monitor the work flow intuitively through icons and on a timeline basis. Moreover, it supports 3D simulation preview real-time monitoring of the programmed task, making it easy for unexperienced operators to program the pendant. For simple motions, operators can move the robot body with their hands to desired waypoints and let the robot memorize the new movement. This direct teaching function makes it even easier for operators to order a job.

Modular components allow easy repair based
only on the user manual.

The spare parts of HCR-5 are all of modular design, so there is no need to call in an engineer. Repair the robot yourself throughout the product lifecycle and cut your operating expenses.


A change in your production layout doesn't mean you need to change your robot.

Hanwha Precision Machinery's HCR-5 is light-weight, easily re-deployable, and space-saving. Simply add the robot to your production line without having to make changes. In addition, the I/O module and EtherCAT socket at the tip of the robot body allow easy connection to various peripherals, such as a gripper, vision, and sensor to suit diverse tasks.

Two robots do not mean two controllers.

A single control box can operate two robots at the same time, reducing initial investment in controllers. Two robots use one teach pendant to be operated as two separate units.


Remain safe when working right beside the robot.

Hanwha Precision Machinery's HCR-5 is set up with a virtual safety boundary that can be configured according to the work environment. This is to avoid collisions in advance and to automatically stop operation upon sensing the smallest shock, making it possible for the robot to work side-by-side with operators without a safety fence.

Let the robot do the dangerous tasks.

Deploy HCR-5 for tasks with a high risk of burns or caught-in or -between incidents, such as injection molding, press, and CNC. This will prevent serious accidental injuries during the operation and improve the work environment.


"The below specifications may be changed without prior notice.
A risk factor assessment of the production environment is required before use. "
Degree of freedom 6 Axis
Maximum load capacity 5 Kg
Reach 915 mm
Range of motion ±360°
Speed By joint: 180°/sec, Tool: 1m/sec
Repeatability ±0.1 mm
Weight 20 Kg
Footprint Ø150 mm
Controller box size 450 mm x 560 mm x 225 mm (WxHxD)
I/O port Control-box (Ch.) Tool conn. (Ch.)
Digital in/out 16 / 16 4 / 4
Analog in 2 / 2 2 / -
EtherCAT 1 1
I/O power 24V 2A for control box & 12V or 24V 1.6A for tool
Communication TCP/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, CC-link/Profinet/EnthernetIP(option)
Operating temperature 0~50˚c
Protection class IP54
Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Programming Icon-based 12.1-inch touchscreen (supports 3D simulation)
Cable length Cable connecting robot unit and controller: 6 m, Cable connecting teach pendant and controller: 5 m