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Certified collaborative electric 2-finger parallel gripper. Operated by 24V, digital output and analogue input for detection of different workpiece dimensions without readjustment of part present sensor. Including Direct Teaching activation for easy robot teaching!


Gripping and moving small and medium-sized workpieces with adjustable force in collaborative operation in the areas of assembly, electronics, plastics and machine tool loading.


Part number : HRC-03-086003

Feature Summary :

  • Direct Teaching, easy robot teaching thanks to integrated Direct Teaching activation
  • Electric, only 1A needed for operating
  • Direct connection to robot tool IO
  • Direct assembly to robot flange
  • Identification of different workpiece dimensions without readjusting sensor position by analogue sensing 0-10V
  • Collaborative, safety approved by German DGUV/BG
  • Safe gripping even in power failure by mechanical self-locking function
  • Adjustable gripping force → 50N, 100N, 150N, 190N


Item Status
Compatible Robots HCR-3, HCR-5*, HCR-12*
Flange Compatible
Tool IO Connector M8 8pin
Control Method Digital IO of Tool IO

* Please order HCR-5 and/or HCR-12 with M8 8pin Tool IO option.

Direct Teaching Button Demo


| NT 100-RE-EN
| NT 50-CC-EN