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In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers interested in introducing HCR-5 for production line automation, Hanwha Precision Machinery partners with companies specializing in peripherals as part of the services we offer as a Total Solution Provider.

Purchase diverse solutions optimized for HCR-5, including gripper, vision system, accessories, safety solution, and software, conveniently and at reasonable prices from our qualified partners.
  • 그리퍼


    Pneumatic Grippers
    Applied to machine tending, a process common in the automotive and machinery industries, transfer and loading, and palletizing
    Electric grippers
    Applied to pick & place, a process common in the plastics and electronics industries, and assembly
    Vacuum/suction grippers
    Applied to packaging, most common in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries, and palletizing
  • Vision


    Machine vision
    A system applied with a vision camera and vision software for quality inspection, spare parts detection, object detection, and location sensing
  • Accessory


    Cable guide
    A cable solution that improves durability and prevents different cables added to the system, e.g. pneumatic and sensor cables, from getting entangled
    Protection cover
    A cover solution to prevent dye migration and tinting in painting and machine tending
    A base for a stable and precise operation of HCR-5 and a pedestal solution designed to add portability to the robot for higher flexibility
  • Etc

    Safe solution.

    Risk Assessment Consulting
    A consulting service to support safety assessments necessary for the operation of fenceless HCR-5 and the risk management of potential safety regulation violations
  • Software


    Simulation Software
    A software tool to simulate processes where HCR-5 is applied