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Hanwha Robotics offers a variety of solutions
for easy use when automating applications.
Products that have been used industrial sites
for many years can be easily connected to HCR

You should come and check the solutions
using gripper, vision system and application-specific tools
  • 그리퍼


    For applications such as Pick & Place and Machine Tending,
    grippers are essential. Check the gripper information by type,
    such as electric, pneumatic, vaccuum, etc.

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  • Vision


    Through machine vision system, you could automate quality
    inspection, part determination, object/location recognition.
    Increase the flexibility of robot by using vision system.

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  • Accessory


    Meet the tools you need to automate your application.
    AGV, Force torque sensor, welding tools and simulation software
    make it easier for you to use HCR.

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  • Etc


    Provides information about the peripherals required to automate
    applications. Come and look around various peripherals
    such as cable guide, safety sensors and communication gateways.

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